Top Uses of a Skid Steer

Top Uses of a Skid SteerThe skid steer is a small machine, compared to other forms of heavy machinery. The size of the machine allows it to be very versatile, which means it is perfect for a number of jobs, especially when paired with a plethora of attachments available for skid steers. Let's look at four popular uses for skid steers. If you need one of these vehicles for any job, be sure to reach out to your local equipment rental company.


While it may be small in stature, these vehicles are perfect for all sorts of big demolition work. This is because the vehicle can often get inside of buildings that other large equipment may be unable to do. It's ability to knock down concrete walls and clamp onto other items to move them from one location to another means you'll level the job in no time.


A popular use for skid steers is in landscaping. You can use one of these vehicles to do everything from move or plant trees to raking the large garden and setting seeds. You could even utilize a mower attachment to cut the grass. Spreading soil or wood chips, as well as moving bricks, stones and other items used by masons, are also a common chores of skid steers.

Heavy Lifting

The hydraulic lift abilities of skid steers makes them a smart choice for moving heavy objects. Whether you use a bucket attachment, or pallet form or clamps, you'll be able to move just about anything!

Clearing Debris

Cleaning up after storms, cleaning junk from distressed property or conducting other debris removal is a job for a skid steer. It can push, pull and tow just about anything. This is perfect when operating within small spaces.

Renting heavy equipment often makes more sense than buying it, especially if it is only needed for one job. To request a quote for renting a skid steer in Albuquerque reach out to Highland Rent All. We offer equipment rentals of all sorts, which means we have what you need to finish any job! To learn more about our inventory of rental equipment in Albuquerque give us a call at (505) 349-4798 or stop by today!

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