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Top Holiday Party Rental Supplies

Top Holiday Party Rental SuppliesThe holiday season is in full swing and as we head toward Turkey Day, Christmas and New Years you may be getting ready for your corporate or personal party. Whether your event is big or small there is likely a few items that you need for this one time affair. There is no need to purchase large quantities of silverware and chairs, you can simply rent them. Get ready for your holiday party with these party supply rental ideas.

Tables & Chairs

If you're expecting a good crowd to gather at the office, your home or some other venue you will want to supply them with a place to sit and gather. Table and chair rentals are the perfect move for those hosts who want to ensure that their guests are comfortable.


Paper plates and plastic forks and knives fill up trash cans and can be quite messy themselves. By renting silverware, glassware, bowls, plates and other dishes, including those for holding the food prior to serving, you'll help keep things tidy and prevent excess waste from entering local landfills.


Time for a drink? Then it is time to rent a bar. A bar rental is a great way to entertain guests by giving them a specific location to go to grab a refreshing cocktail, a fine glass of wine or a cold beer. No need to throw a bunch of bottles in a corner somewhere or have coolers littering the social areas, a bar takes care of all that!

Dance Floor

Do you think people will be getting their groove on? Don't let your hardwood or tile floors get all scratched up. Renting a dance floor is a smart way of protecting your existing flooring from damage.

Concession Equipment

Popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snocone machines and other concession equipment is a surefire way to keep the kids (and most adults) entertained! Who doesn't love a refreshing treat.

At Highland Rent All we aim to make your next party a blast! When you need holiday party rentals in Albuquerque or the surrounding area our team will be sure that you get exactly what you need to ensure everyone at your event has a great time. We do much more than Party, you can count on us for all types of home equipment, heavy machinery and so much more. To learn more or to make a reservation for party supplies in Albuquerque give us a call at (505) 293-4100 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!

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