Renting Landscaping Equipment

Renting Landscaping EquipmentThe days are once again getting longer, which means it is time to start thinking about getting the yard ready for the warmer months. Many people spend their spring, summer and fall in the yard as they host events such as birthday parties and barbecues. In order to get your yard in tip top shape you may need a few pieces of equipment that aren't in your garage. Renting landscaping equipment is a money-saving alternative to purchasing what are generally expensive, yet scarcely used tools for the DIYer. Let's look at some commonly rented landscaping tools.

Yard Tractor

If your property is fairly large you may want to consider a yard tractor. Tractors, when properly equipped, can dig, haul, move large rocks, pull stumps and more. Use a trailer attachment to move your hand tools and other equipment from location to location to ease the burden and maximize your time in the yard.

Skid Steer

A skid steer makes landscaping a breeze by clearing land, moving dirt and hauling landscaping materials, such as gravel, woodchips, bricks or other masonry. A skid steer is easy to use and highly effective.


To quickly cut through the ground and get your seeds and pods planted, or to simply tear up weeds, a rototiller is a great tool. These gas or electric powered machines are sure to make planting and aerating a breeze.

Power Tools

An equipment rental company will offer a number of other power tools that will be perfect for your landscaping needs. Depending on your project you may need a trencher, sod cutter, power rake, chainsaw, stump grinder or something else. Whatever you need, your local rental company can get it for you.


Need a heavy duty mower to get that first cut down after a long winter? Head to a rental company to find the perfect mower for the project. It may be a stand behind, riding mower, or a push mower.

When you need rented landscaping equipment in Albuquerque reach out to Highland Rent All. We really do have all the landscaping and garden tools you could need to conduct any project. To learn more or to reserve your equipment rentals in Albuquerque give us a call at (505) 349-4798 today.

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