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6 Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

6 Tips for a Beautiful LawnA well-manicured, uniformly green lawn will greatly enhance the visual appeal of your property. To keep your grass healthy, there are certain maintenance measures that you can take. With some basic landscaping equipment and a bit of labor, you can make your grass look like it belongs on a golf course. Here's a look at six simple ways to beautify your lawn.

Mow High & Often

By cutting your grass too short, you can potentially damage it, while also giving weeds a better chance of growing tall. You don't want to cut your lawn shorter than 2 ½ inches or cut more than a third off the top of the grass blades.

Sharp Mower Blade

If your lawnmower's blade is dull, it may tear the grass instead of cleanly cutting it. This can create an uneven appearance. A good general rule is to replace your blade every spring.

Prevent Weeds

Weeds, such as dandelions, can quickly take over a lawn. There are numerous products you can use to prevent weeds from sprouting up in the first place. If you prefer not to use chemicals, you can always use long screwdrivers or hand trowels to uproot the undesirable sprouts.


Nitrogen will help your grass to grow robustly, but you'll want to remember to only apply it during times of year when your lawn is actually growing.


If your lawn has bare patches, then reseeding could be the way to go. In New Mexico, warm-season grasses are common, which should be reseeded during late spring. When purchasing lawn seed, you'll want to make sure you follow its particular directions for optimal success rate.

Water in Morning

By watering early in the day, the grass can dry out before nighttime, which can help to prevent diseases from taking hold. If you water in the afternoon, rapid evaporation could be a concern.

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Posted: July 5, 2020

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