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Real Customer Experiences from Highland Rent AllWhen you need to rent equipment, it's important to work with a rental company that will provide quality items and exceptional customer service. Not only do you rely on the equipment you're renting to function as intended, but you need the people renting it to you to provide competent use instructions and simple pick up and drop off, all at reasonable rates. By reading through these recent experiences that customers of Highland Rent All have shared online, you'll see why they are a top provider of rental equipment in Albuquerque.

I showed up to their location at 5:00 PM on a Friday. They close at 5:30 on Friday. I was greeted by a gentleman named Josh who helped us locate our equipment that we rented. Even though they were closing, he helped us get everything we needed. They offered to deliver all of the equipment to our house the next day by 9 a.m. for a pretty small fee. We accepted and they were there bright and early. They dropped off all the stuff, helped us unload it and schedule a time for pick up. The next day they showed up at the exact time we scheduled and picked up all the equipment. It was awesome and we will be using their services again in the future. - James D.

Love their short time rentals. Best in the business. Beat Home Depot and Lowes hands down on price! - Geoffrey K.

This place is amazing. They rent all sorts of things from tools to everything you might need for a wedding or party. The staff are always friendly and willing to help with whatever questions or concerns you might have. Their prices are very reasonable, especially for things like appliance dollies which will make moving your fridge or oven way easier than it would be otherwise. - Alex T.

These dudes are great. Rented a big sewer snake from them. It was late in the day, near closing time (it was an emergency, or I would have come earlier) and instead of gouging me and forcing me to rent for 24 hours they allowed me to return it in the morning. They were helpful, explained the controls of the machine to me and that night our family was able to use toilets and showers once again. - John T.

Great customer service! The staff and owner are very friendly. I'd recommend this place to my mother if I wasn't already doing the work for her. Plus they're local! - David B.

As you can see, Highland Rent All is passionate not just about renting great equipment, but offering superior customer service. The next time you need rental equipment in Albuquerque for a construction job, landscaping service or to throw a party, contact Highland Rent All. To learn more, or to schedule equipment rentals in Albuquerque, give them a call at (505) 293-4100.

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