Getting your home and yard ready for spring and summer using rental equipment

Getting your home and yard ready for spring and summer using rental equipmentSpring is here, but is your home ready for the action? This time of the year often represents the start of event hosting, barbecues, gardening and more. You may not always have the necessary equipment to get things under control in your overgrown yard, but thankfully what you do need can be rented from a trusted rental supply company. Here are a few items you may be interested in renting to get your home up to par for the spring and summer.

Tractors, mowers & trailers

A yard that sits stagnant for most of winter can quickly become overgrown with weeds and tall grass, and sections may even become a mud pit. Get things under control using a rented lawn mower and then get a small tractor and trailer to haul off all of the plant material you don't want in your yard.

Garden supplies

Whether you need a few small hand tools, such as shovels and rakes, or serious power equipment like chainsaws, rototillers and stump grinders, your local garden rental supply company should be able to provide you with exactly what you need to get your garden growing once again.

Heavy equipment

If some serious yard reconditioning in in your future, such as hauling off trees, installing a pond or other large water feature or something else of that nature, it may be necessary to rent some heavy equipment. Using heavy equipment such as steerloaders, backhoes and otherwise will make your large project a breeze.

Home equipment

For some serious spring cleaning the interior of your home is likely to need a little attention as well. You can rent everything from painting and wall papering supplies to floor care, tile removers and furniture dollys, making rearranging easy. Breathe new life into your home this spring.

Highland Rent All is the premier rental company in Albuquerque that can provide you with all of the tools you need to revitalize your home and yard this spring. Come see us today on Menaul Boulevard or give us a call at (505) 349-4798 to learn more about our inventory of rental equipment in Albuquerque.

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