5 Garden Tools You Need to Rent this Spring

5 Garden Tools You Need to Rent this SpringWhile you may be well on your way to a beautiful garden this season, there is a chance that there's a few tasks that still need to be done, not to mention the daily and weekly maintenance that will be necessary. As an avid gardener it's likely that you have an array of tools at your disposal, but there could be a couple that have escaped your collection. The following are a few items you can rent to help ensure your garden turns out exactly as you intentioned this spring or summer.


Rototillers are great for turning soil, ensuring it is oxygenated and properly mixed for planting. These tools can also be used to rip up areas that have been ravaged by weeds and need a fresh start.


One of the more common tools that you may find yourself in need of to ensure that the grass remains at a manageable height that also looks good is a lawnmower. Whether you have a lawnmower that has bit the dust or if you want to try a new style before buying, a rental mower is a great way to ensure the grass stays mowed.


Are you considering planting rows of seeds in the manner of a crop? A normal trencher can cut trenches up to 18 inches deep, making planting a breeze.


An aerator is used to create holes in the lawn to help the grass grow. Aeration helps improve soil drainage and encourages worms, microfauna and microflora by increasing the amount of oxygen in the ground.

Hand Tools

There are any number of hand gardening tools necessary to help ensure that your garden is set up and well maintained. A rental company will be able to provide you with a number of gardening tools to ensure that you get the job done right.

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