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Keep Your Car Running Great with Automotive Tool Rentals

Keep Your Car Running Great with Automotive Tool RentalsAs a do-it-yourself mechanic you likely take great pride in being able to keep your car running its very best with the turn of a wrench. Unfortunately, there may be times when you find yourself missing a tool or two to get the job done properly. What is fortunate is that you can rent many auto repair tools if you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of a great rent all company. Here's a look at some of the most popular automotive tools to rent.

Jacks & Jack Stands

Many repair jobs require cars to be lifted off the ground and held up. This helps give you more clearance to get under the car or so that you can remove tires in order to change them or complete brake repairs. Renting an automotive jack and jackstands is the best way to achieve this if you don't own these tool.

Transmission Repair Tools

Transmissions are quite complicated mechanisms and require many types of tools in order to service them. A rental company will be able to provide you with a wide array of these tools, including gear pullers and transmission jacks.

Engine Hoists

If you are completing a full engine rebuild or replacing an engine you will need an engine hoist to get the motor out of and back into the car. Many people don't have room for an engine hoist in their garage, especially if they don't use it often. Renting an engine hoist is a great way to save room while still being able to get the job done.

Air Compressors

Using pneumatic tools is a great way to work faster as you can quickly turn bolts and nuts to take things apart and put them back together. Compressed air is also very strong, helping you get those stubborn bolts loose.

Hand Tools

Repairing automobiles requires a plethora of specialized tools. A rental company that offers automotive tools will likely be able to get you just about any tool you need to keep your car running its very best.

If you're a DIY mechanic looking to rent automotive tools in Albuquerque head to Highland Rent All. We have a huge selection of auto repair tools for rent that will help you service just about any make and model. To learn more about our inventory or to schedule equipment rentals in Albuquerque give our team a call at (505) 293-4100 today!

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